Galloway, NJ Ice Cream Parlor

Lindy Hops

Lindy Hops in Galloway, NJ, established in 1991, is an ice cream parlor that offers various ice cream types. We have indoor and outdoor seating. We make it all right here.

Ice Cream Parlor - Galloway, NJ - Lindy Hops - Cone

Learn More About Lindy Hops:

  • Ice cream cakes
  • Ice cream pizza
  • No fat yogurt pies
  • Sundaes
  • Cones
  • And so much more

Call Lindy Hops today at 609-652-6020 for all of your Galloway, NJ ice cream needs. Or go to for more information.

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Lindy Hops - Galloway, NJ
Lindy Hops
401 S. Pitney
Galloway, NJ